instruments I play

On one hand you can use a modern computer with digital instruments and you don`t need any equipment. On the other hand it is fun to modify and learn more about the functionality and the character of each instrument. In the end it becomes an unique experience to play with each single device and get inspired by it`s character.

On the next pages I will present  pictures showing  my gear, beautiful analog instruments and historic recording equipment. I did not clean them from dust and dirt, because they do not need to be shiny and good looking. They all tell me a long story and I never want to sell them.



I had violin lessons for 10 years, but guitar and piano became an autodidactic experience. My goal was not improving my skills excessively. It was much more fun to learn to love the mistakes and work with those artefacts.

drum machines

Often it is helpful to create a certain rhythm to play with. There are plenty of options creating that with a computer. I mainly prefer the hardware, so i can push the squares or turn the knobs.

Some of these drum machines are really unique by now. I was feeding the sequential circuits drumtraks with eproms, which I was burning in 8bit quality, using an oberheim “prommer” for the samples. The Vermona is a relict from the east german production in 1989, before the wall came down. The electronic indian tabla is from the 80ies as well, simple but powerful. The MPC, the R8 and the groovebox 303 are really good machines, but not easy to get used to their menus.


I can`t show all the pedals and effects. This is not what the website is about. But I just want to notice that the effects are a massive part of my music. I love to modify the signals and build up a new sound-image.

I absolutely prefer the pedals and do not use effects in the computer, except compression and limiter in the mastering.


Of course I play the electric guitars with amplifiers. Depending on what sound I want to achieve, I have to use the right amp for the right guitar with the right effect-pedal. It is that simple.